In Canada there are mechanisms in place to ensure that various fisheries remain sustainable with oversight that considers the connection between environmental, economic and social issues.

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Conservation measures and policies use the precautionary approach to promote sustainable fishing, underpinning the Integrated Fisheries Management Plans.

By combining scientific and management expertise, industry data, firsthand observations from PUHA’s professional divers, as well as indigenous knowledge and other stakeholder considerations, the annual IFMP’s ensure the urchin fisheries are sustainable and beneficial to the ecosystem.

PUHA members play a key role in sustaining coastal communities along the BC coast by supporting the communities in which they fish and live.

Recruitment of crew and divers and the Safety Training that is required is very important to the future of the BC Urchin fisheries.

Diving operations are carefully planned and performed by divers who have the proper knowledge, training and experience to safely harvest Sea Urchin in BC waters. PUHA has helped to incorporate important safety measures for harvesting, packing, handling and transporting the product.