The Pacific Urchin Harvesters Association (PUHA) is an industry association, incorporated in 1991, to promote sound practices and management of urchin fisheries in British Columbia, improvement of maritime safety and education and collaborate with Federal and Provincial Governments and other stakeholders in pursuit of these goals. There are 110 license holders in the Red Urchin fishery and 49 in the Green Urchin fishery.

The GOALS AND OBJECTIVES of PUHA focus on sustainability and innovation to maximize the economic value of the catch in collaboration with coastal communities.

PUHA’S COMMITMENT is to provide the highest quality and best value products possible and strive to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations for our products and for the conduct of our fishery.

The PURPOSE of PUHA is to represent and promote the common interests of red sea urchin and green sea urchin harvesters and processors in British Columbia in relation to government agencies and the general public, and to promote the improvement of standards of safety and education in the dive fisheries, including:

  • Sustainable fishery practices with a precautionary approach
  • Maximizing the economic return from the sustainable harvest utilizing innovation and best practices
  • Collecting and administering annual fees to fund research, off-load validation and marketing

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