In November 2006 the B.C. Seafood Alliance (BSCA) released the Benchmarked Competitiveness Study of British Columbia’s Red Sea Urchin Fishery a study commissioned by the BSCA for the Agriculture and Agri-Food Seafood Value Chain Roundtable. The Pacific Urchin Harvesters Association (PUHA) and the West Coast Green Urchin Harvesters Association (WCGUHA) in co-operation with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada subsequently hosted a Sea Urchin Summit to review, discuss and prepare an action plan based on the recommendations of the Benchmarking Study.

Invitees include

  • Regional and National AAFC representatives
  • Regional and National Department of Fisheries and Oceans representatives
  • Representatives from the Province of British Columbia
  • Directors of the PUHA
  • Directors of the BCSA
  • Directors of WCGUHA
  • Alaska and California sea urchin fisheries representatives
  • Japanese sea urchin processor and importer from Hokkaido, Japan
  • Other Industry Stakeholders

The Summit focused on the challenges and recommendations outlined in the benchmarking report and how industry and government can work together to improve the competitiveness of the Canadian sea urchin industry. The major findings and recommendations of the benchmarking report focus mainly on IUU fishing in Russia secondarily on continuing market limitations that are making it ever more difficult for industry to fully fund all of the current science, management and operational commitments.

The Summit organizers and participants had, as planned,  an informative, upbeat and interactive day focusing on developing positive recommendations from the participants to guide Government and Industry as they face the challenges outlined in the Benchmarking Study.

The BC Seafood Alliance is committed to the conservation and sustainable use of seafood resources in B.C. for the benefit of all British Columbians. Its mandate is to foster public recognition and support for B.C.'s seafood sector, to promote the high quality of B.C. seafood products and to advocate for the effective management of B.C. seafood resources. For the complete study and more information on the B.C. Seafood Alliance visit:

The Pacific Urchin Harvesters Association is a leader in co-management and research with a focus on sustainability, maximizing economic returns from the allowable harvest and cooperating with community groups. For more information on the Pacific Urchin Harvesters visit:

The Seafood Industry Value Chain Roundtable was launched in June 2003 and brings together key leaders from across the seafood industry - retail, food service, processing, harvesting and trade associations. The group is focusing on three key priorities: improving the image of Canada's seafood; enhancing the industry's ability to compete; and encouraging an integrated government response to issues facing the industry. For more information on the Seafood Value Chain Roundtable visit: Agriculture Canada

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